Time for a Prepper Reality Check(list)


Time for a Prepper Reality Check(list)

How are you coming with your prep plan? Are you consistently working down through your list of things to do, gear to acquire, skills to learn, and time to practice all those survival tips you been reading about? What about your weapons cache? Do you have one yet? What is next?

All this is part of the on-going survival prepper reality check. If you are stalled or stymied, brain dazzled, or broke, maybe it is time to regroup. This is nothing to get depressed about or to beat yourself up over. It happens to all of us. If nothing else, you can begin the refreshing process by just taking a breather, sitting back to rest, and starting from the top all over again. Prepping is a never ending process anyway, so just carry on.

Get that old journal out again. You know the one. I suggested it here months ago as a reasonable, rational starting place to initiating the prepping process. It is probably way past due for a review if you can’t find it. Double check the items you have checked off and ones yet to be done. Just seeing your own prepping lists should re-energize you.

Review the basics again. What types of Mother Nature disasters are you likely to encounter where you live? Tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, floods, earthquakes, volcanos, mud slides, snow storms, blizzards, droughts, or what? Are you prepared for these potential SHTF events?

What other catastrophic events might occur in your region? Financial collapses, social unrest, union strikes, government work walk outs, fuel shortages, power outages, nuclear power plant troubles, burn outs, or melt downs?

Review your bug out or bug in place. Do you have the survival supplies to last a week or longer? Do you have water stored up or containers ready to fill? How much food stores do you have for the long haul? Check over all your gear from bug out bags to camping equipment, tents, camper, cooking utensils and stove, sleeping bags, seasonal appropriate clothing, shoes, boots, and all the soft goods and everything else.

Do you have a variety of survival weapons for personal defense, hunting, and food gathering? Rifles, shotguns, and pistols will ammo for all. Cleaning supplies, field gear, and carry cases. What else will you need?

Survival reality checks are a constant thing. Always try to stay a couple steps ahead of it. We never know when the call might come.

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