The Battle Rifle Bipod: I Don’t Quite Get It


The Battle Rifle Bipod: I Don’t Quite Get It

Okay, we’ll admit some ignorance on this one. You’ve built your SHTF bug out or stay home defensive battle rifle, most likely an AR platform variant. The quad rail on the rifle has a flashlight, sling attachments, and maybe a hand stop or vertical grip. On top is a good CQC red dot sight or perhaps a high quality variable riflescope like a Leupold VX-R or a Trijicon. Now tell me, why mount a bipod on this rig, even one as fancy as the Atlas BT10?

Like a Crock Pot slow cooking a good beef stew or a firehouse batch of chili, I have let this debate over the utility of a bipod on a SHTF rifle simmer for some time. I have shopped them, handled them, mounted them, and tried to convince myself it was a needed accoutrement for my AR rifle. Then every time I get to the point of hitting the “buy” button on the GG&G site, I chicken out. I seem to be able to do everything I want to do with my AR without one.

Yeah, yeah, I know how they are supposed to be used, why, and what for, but for me, it just seems to hang there out on the end of the bottom rail, rarely deployed. My AR is not fashioned for “sniping” type work where additional barrel support and stability needs the application of a bipod. When I need that, I had rather use a Primos Trigger Stick instead.

Again, overusing the term tactical, I have not found myself in a practical position of having to shoot from a wall top, a window sill, or other position where I might could use a bipod that only extends 6-10 inches. What are your thoughts on this? What am I missing?

Perhaps the leg extension issue is at the basis of my declining to use one on my AR rifles. I fancy heavy duty, well made equipment and accessories, and the GG&G bipods for example are all that and more. They are expensive, too. But their extension is minimal for uses I use.

So, folks, fill in the gaps for me. Do you use a bipod on your AR, AK, FN-FAL or similar defensive survival rifle? For what kinds of shooting positions do you find a bipod useful? Do you always carry it attached? Convince me to pull the trigger the next time I’ve got one in my cart.

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