NY Senate Passes Bill to Criminalize Machetes


NY Senate Passes Bill to Criminalize Machetes

A bill to ban machetes in New York has reportedly passed the state senate, and the overwhelming 54-5 vote demonstrates the depth of ignorance of New Yorkers’ so-called representatives.

People have machetes. Working people, that is. Land surveyors, hunters, campers, homeowners, utility workers, landscapers, and many other people own and use these large knives every day.

That makes them baddies, according to the NY Senate.

The state already has an amazingly long list of bad ol’ items that it deems to be “deadly weapons,” which is used to harass, jail, and fine citizens under the guise of providing safety. This bill will add the machete to that ever-growing list that already includes things like switchblade or gravity knives, brass (or plastic) knuckles, billy clubs, and blackjacks.

Allowing police to impose fines and/or jail time on folks for having machetes is a huge mistake and a terrible blow against individual freedom–but that’s how they roll, I guess.

Here’s hoping the state Assembly has more sense than the Senate, as their version will be up for a vote next.

What’s next? Will they dream up a licensing scheme to force landscapers, campers, and other outdoors enthusiasts to bribe the state in order to own and operate a machete?


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