Watch: Woman Fires a Shoulder-Mounted Anti-Tank Rifle


Watch: Woman Fires a Shoulder-Mounted Anti-Tank Rifle


This short video was posted as a teaser to a much longer and very detailed video about the German T-Gewehr bolt action WW1 anti-tank rifle. This massive shootin’ iron is fired from the shoulder and uses a cartridge that seems to be somewhat on par with the 50 BMG.

A bolt-action single-shot, this big honking rifle was classified as 13mm, which is about .52 caliber. Weighing in at about 40 pounds and more than five and a half feet long, it’s a hefty popper when it comes to shoulder-fired guns.

Relatively scrawny by today’s “anti-tank” standards, it’s a testament to the beginnings of armored combat, when the tank was invented to break the stalemate of trench warfare and this was brought to bear against them.

Although the Tankgewehr M1918 offers no muzzle brake nor even a recoil pad, the woman firing it in the video below seems to love it. In the picture above, she’s gleefully loading a second round into the beast, after clearly savoring the experience of firing the first shot.

I’m jealous.

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