US Treasury to Put Gun-toting Republican Freedom Fighter on the $20 Bill


US Treasury to Put Gun-toting Republican Freedom Fighter on the $20 Bill

This week brought news that pro-gun people everywhere should be celebrating. I’m talking about the US Treasury’s announcement that they plan to remove a Democrat from the $20 bill and replace him with a gun-toting, Republican freedom fighter named Harriet Tubman.

I’ve seen Tubman depicted with a variety of different types of guns in paintings and such, but according to Wikipedia, her tool of choice was the revolver:

Tubman also carried a revolver and was not afraid to use it. The gun afforded some protection from the ever-present slave catchers and their dogs; however, she also purportedly threatened to shoot any escaped slave who tried to turn back on the journey since that would threaten the safety of the remaining group.[74] Tubman told the tale of one man who insisted he was going to go back to the plantation when morale got low among a group of fugitive slaves. She pointed the gun at his head and said, “You go on or die.”[75] Several days later, he was with the group as they entered the United Province of Canada.[71]

With more women coming into the shooting sports, I think Tubman would make a great mascot and role model for armed ladies everywhere and indeed for anyone who’s determined to fight for the people’s right to stand up to tyranny with force of arms.

“You go on or die.” It sends chills down my spine. That’s one way to buck up a fellow fighter for the long struggle ahead.

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