Video: How to Bend PVC Without Distorting It


Video: How to Bend PVC Without Distorting It

I’ve bent PVC before to make transitions and to do odd things with it. I think my first such project was when, on a whim, I made a handle for a big box fan using a scrap of 1/2″ PVC.

I’ve used blowtorches, heat guns, and even a propane stove to heat and bend PVC. But the pipe often flattens out or becomes otherwise distorted, and even heat guns will scorch the pipe and sometimes even bubble it.

This guy has a better solution. All you need is a small torch, something with which to plug one end of the pipe, a funnel, and some sand.

He’s making landscape lights, and naturally he wants them all to have the same angle and wants them to look nice. Check out his method, which is simple but effective.

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