Watch: Commercial for Marx “Sound-O-Power” Toy Guns


Watch: Commercial for Marx “Sound-O-Power” Toy Guns

Here’s an oldie for ya. This is a TV commercial for a couple of toy rifles made by the Marx company.

They were offering two “Sound-O-Power” toy guns: an M16 Military Rifle and a Western Rifle, which appear to be about medium-scale and which have speakers in the butt stocks. Pulling the trigger causes “lots of battle sounds” to emanate from the speaker.

Batteries not included.

I had to snicker a bit. Apparently the Western Rifle came with plenty of phony sounds straight out of B westerns such as the “peeeeyoing!” of fake ricochets. But what fun for kids!

A pair of peace officers aimlessly wandering in the woods near where the kids are playing become alerted: “Sounds like a gun battle!”


They rush over to the kids–to test and admire their nifty toys.

These days, the cops would be dressed in military riot gear and would probably shoot the boys “just in case.”

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