On the Brink of WWIII, What Prep Do You Regret Not Getting?


On the Brink of WWIII, What Prep Do You Regret Not Getting?

Apologies for what probably sounds like a scare-mongering click-bait title, but hopefully most of you have read it for the hypothetical question that it is. (Every improvement I tried to make ended up making it way too long).

Anyway, the hypothetical scenario is a new “Cuban Missile Crisis.” Maybe Russia just invaded the Donbass region of Ukraine, or US and Chinese warships have exchanged fire in the South China Sea. But whatever it is, the world is on edge as the fecal matter hangs poised above the rotating fan blades, about to drop at any moment.

Really try to envision yourself in this hypothetical scenario, and tell us what’s that one prep that you’ve been putting off for forever and that you’re now kicking yourself about? If you could go back a week or two and get ready, what is it that you would have pulled the trigger on?

(Let’s exclude ever-popular consumables like ammo and food because you can never have enough of either, and that’s going to be the first thing on everyone’s mind.)

I know exactly what my answer to this question is: an Aimpoint Micro T2 for my SHTF AR -15.

Here’s where I get real with you guys: despite the fact that I wrote an article entitled, Preppers: It’s Time to Ditch the Iron-Sights-Only Builds, my main SHTF AR is still rockin’ a pair of folding BUIS. I’m such a believer in optics for a SHTF carbine that I’ve not yet bothered to pull the trigger on the red dot that I really want. (I’m definitely going to do it in the next month or two, though. Also, I have an Aimpoint Micro H1 on a .22lr pistol that I’d move over to my carbine if the S really hit the F suddenly.)

So, what’s that thing that you know you need and are planning to pick up eventually, but you just haven’t gotten around to it yet?

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