Motorcycle Riding with a Gun


Motorcycle Riding with a Gun

If you’ve got a gun and a bike and you want to combine the two on a trip, then you had better know the laws. This lengthy piece from goes into detail on the what’s, why’s, and wherefore’s of riding with a gun:

Ignorance of a specific law is no excuse, and that includes laws governing a person’s right to carry, or even transport, a firearm on a motorcycle. Riding with a gun is easy to do and nothing to be afraid of, but it is the responsibility of any motorcyclist to ensure that he or she transports any firearm in a manner that is compliant with the laws governing their route.

Knowing what is allowable and what is required under federal, state, and local laws can mean the difference between being able to exercise a right and possibly losing it for good. Get it right, and there is really nothing to fear. Get it wrong and you could face fines, arrest, court appearances, or even incarceration…. A loss of mucho dinero – or worse – no matter how you slice it.

There’s an accompanying video that’s worth checking out, as well:

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