New Ammo Company Promises ‘World’s Most Accurate Small Arms Ammunition’


New Ammo Company Promises ‘World’s Most Accurate Small Arms Ammunition’

Ever heard of Ranger Scientific ammo? Me, neither. But they are making some pretty big claims about ammo on their website:

First off, their homepage proudly touts “The World’s Most Accurate Small Arms Ammunition,” followed by this:

Ranger Scientific has exclusive patent pending technology to mass-produce rifle ammunition that’s more than twice the accuracy of the highest quality ‘match grade’ ammunition.

Like playing piano keys to match a tuning fork, customers use our ‘proof kits’ to find the class of load that’s more accurate than any other. We alone have the technology to make such ammunition cost effectively, and available off-the-shelf at retail and through military supply chains.


This makes it sound as if these “proof kits” will be a series of different loads for a given cartridge; a shooter would then fire these rounds in his or her firearm and note which load performs the best. Then, they can order that load by the box.

At least, that’s what it sounds like from here. It’s not very clear.

We at AO haven’t heard of Ranger Scientific before this, and it first came to my attention via a recent news article about the company’s planned West Virginia factory. As mentioned in the quote below, it is slated to be built on a large tract of reclaimed coal mine land, and they plan to employ 400 people.

Sounds like one heck of an ammo plant! Too bad it will be a couple years before they start turning out ammo.

Ranger Scientific will market a range of reasonably priced brands, each of which will have the distinction of being the best value from the manufacturer of the world’s most accurate rifle ammunition.

Ranger’s ‘Olympus Mountain’ facility will be located on approximately 1,000 acres situated near the Quincy area of Kanawah County West Virginia. The Ranger Scientific Industrial Campus will initially consist of a 150,000 square foot small arms ammunition manufacturing complex incorporating automated chemical and material fabrication units, assembly, packaging, and product distribution systems.

A wide variety of projectiles (bullets) will be available in each caliber and load.

Facility Launch: Production is estimated to commence in 2018.

Looks like they’ll start with some of the top-selling cartridges, which makes sense:

Ranger will initially produce 223/556 to 338 Lapua rifle ammunition; and highly precise 40, 45, 380 automatic, and 9mm handgun rounds. These rounds represent the highest profit margins and greatest customer demand. A wide variety of projectiles (bullets) will be made available in each caliber and load, initially from Sierra and Lapua.

Hard to see how mass-produced ammo could offer the promised accuracy, but it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.

Ever heard of Ranger Scientific or know anything more about it?

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