Great Fishing Locations: Walleyes — Lake Erie


Great Fishing Locations: Walleyes — Lake Erie

Lake Erie’s outstanding walleye fishing—particularly in the so-called “western basin”–no longer is a secret. And though this Midwestern Great Lake receives tremendous fishing pressure, angling remains superb by anyone’s measure.


Anglers fishing out of Port Clinton and Sandusky commonly catch walleyes weighing over 6 pounds, and fish in the 10-pound class are not unusual. Catches of 10 to 50 fish per boat per day are typical during the spring through fall season. Many anglers fish the reefs and shallow structures around the Bass Islands, which sprawl over the Canadian-Ohio border. In the Canadian portion of Erie, fishing is good near Pelee, East Sister, North Harbor, and Middle islands, as well as in the “Hens and Chicks” area. In Ohio, the Bass, Crib, Niagra, Toussank, and Ohio island areas are all good.

Much of Erie’s fishing is done trolling or drifting, but casting jigs and crankbaits scores well. Some outstanding big walleye fishing can be found around rock jetties on the mainland at night. This crankbait fishing is in November, and it can be cold. But when it’s good a fisherman can get several ‘eyes in a night weighing 5 to 10 pounds.

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