Review: LaserLyte TGL Glock Small Format Pistol Laser Sight


Review: LaserLyte TGL Glock Small Format Pistol Laser Sight


Now that Glock has a host of small format pistols in their lineup, LaserLyte has made their G42 clamp-on TGL trigger guard laser sight more adaptable to fit more Glock pistols, including the G42, G43, G26, and G27 models.


Fit, Finish, Feel, Features, and Functions

The LaserLyte TGL UTA-YY Glock laser sight deserves pages of editorial to tell the tale of how hard LaserLyte worked to introduce this sight and how difficult it was to create simple elegance in a user-friendly interface. Well unfortunately for LaserLyte, people are more interested in the end result than the development process. That noted, this laser sight is gloriously simple and quality-made from 55% Glass Filled Nylon and Aircraft Grade 6061 aluminum.


Installation is simple and only requires users to clamp the unit onto the front of the trigger guard using the appropriate clamp adapter (included). The internals can be swapped between either of the included plastic housings. Once it’s locked onto the trigger guard, there is no perceptible wiggle or movement and from my experience it handles all the daily bumps and knocks without fulling out of zero.


I originally installed this sight on my first G42 380 pistol, but I was anxious to test it on the newest G43 single stack 9mm. LaserLyte noted that the small G42 adapter could work on the G43 with some fitting, but all I needed to do was wiggle the unit onto the pistol and screw it down.

I love it on this slim little pistol. The larger included adapters fit the G26/G27, so you can move this sight to other models if you change pistols.


The owner of LaserLyte has jokingly noted that the sight is FOPS operated–Finger Operated Pressure Switch. Jokes aside, FOPS is the perfect way to describe the operation of the LaserLyte Sight. The user basically clicks the sight on and off as needed via the ambidextrous buttons on each side of the sight. It really could not be more simple.

The buttons are placed intuitively where your finger naturally rests when it’s not on the trigger. It becomes a simple and natural movement to touch the button to turn the laser sight on or off.

Programing the LaserLyte laser sight can be done with simple click-and-hold operations to cycle through either a “constant on” mode or a battery saving “pulse” mode. I generally like the pulse mode, as my eye seems to pick it up faster.


The batteries (three 392 cells) will likely last users about a year unless they train extensively with the laser. Runtimes are 5 hours with the constant-on mode and 10 hours in pulse mode, but there is an auto-off function after 6 minutes.

Most Glock sights are set to a 25-yard zero, but I chose to zero the LaserLyte at 10 yards. Keeping in mind that the laser beam is approximately two inches lower than the bore of the gun, very close 2-5 yard shots will deliver bullet impact about one to two inches above the laser dot. At distances beyond 10 yards (but before the bullet starts to drop significantly), the bullet will hit higher than the laser dot. This is just something to train with to assure you know the differences of where the dot vs. bullet impact will be and what decisions you might make on zeroing the LaserLyte TGl Glock laser sight.

Final Thoughts

One of the most amazing psychological aspects of laser sights is their value as a deterrent. In high-stress life-threatening situations, the value of that little red dot is hard to overstate.

The dot allows you to see exactly where your bullet would hit so you can better concentrate on the dynamics of the situation instead of aiming with your sights, and on the other end of the laser beam, no one wants to have a floating red dot on their chest that could easily be followed by a bullet.

The unanimous verdict between the Mrs. and I after testing was that the LaserLyte UTA-YY is an awesome tool that is worth the investment to make our small-format Glocks even better.


From the Manufacturer

Each TGL package comes with two laser housings and fits four Glock pistols for the price of one laser. The UTA-YY is now available as a complete package that’s compatible with Glock 26, 27, 42, and 43 pistols.

Customers who have previously purchased the UTA-YY laser when it did not include both housings can email LaserLyte at [email protected] to receive a FREE laser housing to fit any G26/27/43 you already own.

LaserLyte® UTA-YY Specifications:

  • Compatible Firearms: GLOCK 42/43, GLOCK 26/27
  • Power Output: 650NM, 5MW, Class IIIA
  • Programmable: Dual mode constant-on and pulse, auto-off in 6 minutes
  • Batteries: 3 x 392 (included)
  • Battery Life: *Actual usage 5 hours constant-on, 10 hours pulse mode
  • Weight: .75 ounces
  • Material: 55% Glass Filled Nylon and Aircraft Grade 6061 aluminum
  • Length: 1.52 inches
  • Width: .76 inches
  • Height: 1.70 inches
  • MSRP: $115.95
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