Watch: Guy Sticks Fish Hooks Into His Arm, Then Removes Them


Watch: Guy Sticks Fish Hooks Into His Arm, Then Removes Them

Removing a fish hook from a person is a basic skill that many fishing enthusiasts have had to learn by necessity. Well, here’s a guy who jams fish hooks into his own arm, just so he can then remove them. Yikes!!

First of all, you might find this difficult to watch. I did. Kinda gave me the heeby jeebies.

After hooking himself with three big hooks–and he does that while you watch (or while you groan and look away)–he removes the first one by working the hook forward until the point pokes back out of his skin, then he breaks the barb off with pliers and simply unhooks it.

In his words, “It’s not too big a deal.” Yeah, right!

Next, he just yanks a hook out with pliers. How he’s not screaming, grunting, or at least flinching, I don’t know. Maybe his arm was numbed before the video, but he did say of this one, “That hurt pretty good, okay?”


Next we have a string of failures–no pun intended–of the “string method” of hook removal. That didn’t go so well for him…

One word: Ouch!

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