Watch: Is This the Perfect Pocket Wrench?


Watch: Is This the Perfect Pocket Wrench?

This wrench is mildly intriguing. It could be a useful tool in a pinch, though it’s far from being shop quality.

But be aware: It seems to be discontinued.

You fold thin strips of metal into these open-end wrenches in order to make them fit whatever nut you have to work on.

It was available in metric and standard, which brings up one big flaw: Unlike the classic Crescent adjustable wrench, it’s not universal, nor are the adjustments infinite within its size range.

But it does look as if the heads of this wrench might fit into smaller spaces than many crescent wrenches.

At a price of $29.95, it’s no wonder this wrench didn’t stand the test of time. Cool? Yes. Practical? Not so much.

But still a neat idea.

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