iCAST Review: Double Plopper Deadly Floating Weedless Lure


iCAST Review: Double Plopper Deadly Floating Weedless Lure

The new “Double Plopper” by River2Sea (www.river2seausa.com) is one of the more innovative bass lures to come along in awhile. Introduced at the 2016 Orlando iCAST tackle show, the Double Plopper is a spinner-bait type design, but because it floats, it’s also a top-water plug, too.

And it’s weedless.

The lure features a pair of counter-rotating blades to churn the surface and attract fish with bubbling action.

Two arms of the lure separate vertical cover such as weeds and reeds, leaving behind a double-bubble trail for fish to track and home in on. Because it floats, it can be worked slowly around lily pad holes and weedy cuts or crawled slowly over logs and brush. Stop-and-go retrieves are no problem because the lure stays on top, not falling into tangles below the surface.

It weighs 5/8-ounce, measures 5.75-inches overall, has a fish-attracting skirt, and can be adorned with soft plastics or even natural baits on its rugged 2X-strong 5/0 single hook.

It comes in a multitude of fish-catching colors.


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