This Deer Loves This Logger… or This Log


This Deer Loves This Logger… or This Log

This is an interesting video. Turn down your sound, though–all you can hear is the roaring chainsaw anyhow.

This deer has wandered up to a logger as he limbs a felled tree. His tape measure is paid out behind him as he works his way to the top of the tree, cutting off limbs until he reaches the point where he will cut the top off of the tree.

This silly deer keeps putting its head down against the log and under his tape measure. I wondered what it was doing, and I’m still not completely sure. It seemed to enjoy putting its head under the tape measure and lifting it up.

But then it really rubs its head and neck on top of a freshly-cut part of the log. And then when I re-watched it, I could see the deer almost basking in the spray of sawdust around the 0:24 mark. It seems this critter really loves something about the wood or its resin.

Maybe next time we’re out hunting and can’t find any deer, we need to crank up our chainsaws and just wait…

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