Videos: Water Wheel Pumps


Videos: Water Wheel Pumps

Water wheel pumps. Never thought much about them, but they look like they could be pretty cool for preppers, survival, or simply irrigating a garden or wildlife food plot.

Basically you create a water wheel with some sort of paddles, which will allow flowing water to rotate the wheel. Then you conjure up a spiral coil of tubing with a scoop on the end; this scoop dips into the water with each revolution and captures some water. That water works its way through the spiral until it gets to a pipe at the center of the wheel.

From there, it flows through the pipe to fill a small holding pond or cistern, maybe even a large fresh water supply tank, or simply to water a garden or food plot to keep it growing in dry weather.

Pretty cool!

In this first video, do yourself a favor and mute the sound. Unless you enjoy obnoxious music…

There’s not much audio in this video, but it shows another water wheel pump (which has been running for a year) and the duck pond that it keeps full.

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