Watch: Ian of Forgotten Weapons Answers Viewer Questions


Watch: Ian of Forgotten Weapons Answers Viewer Questions

Oh my goodness.

This video is quite a bit longer than most others we post here, but I’m including it for our readers who enjoy the work of Ian of Forgotten Weapons and are interested in his responses to questions from his viewers.

Thankfully, Ian has been considerate enough to include an index of ths video’s content, along with the times so you can skip things that don’t excite you or simply hop to something that really floats your boat.


I don’t think he will mind if I include the list with the video:

0:52 – Barrel length in terms of bore diameter
3:18 – Why did the XM8 fail?
9:22 – Why are so many Japanese Type I Carcano rifles in unissued condition?
12:13 – Hammer bite – what actually happens? (high speed footage)
14:12 – What does my own gun collection look like, and what gun am I interested in?
19:52 – What’s the deal with flechettes?
22:41 – Will I be making more gunsmithing videos?
23:40 – What elements would I incorporate into a gun of my own design?
26:17 – What WWI gun would I choose to take into WWI?
27:45 – How is the Ruger 10/22?
29:50 – Why was England the only country still using a revolver as a standard sidearm going into WWII?
32:32 – Were there any semi auto or full auto black powder guns?
33:46 – What are the pros and cons of tilting vs rotating bolts?
36:15 – Have people tried using stronger materials than brass for cartridge cases?
40:30 – What was the best overall 19th century single shot breechloader?
42:37 – Were there any types of multi-shot muzzleloading rifles?
44:51 – Why did it take so long for metallic cartridges to enter military service after they were first invented?
48:22 – What are my thoughts on 3D printed guns?
50:35 – Which last ditch rifle would I pick to use?
51:50 – When will I visit Europe, and what do I want to see there?

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