Woodland Camo is the New Black


Woodland Camo is the New Black

Just over the past few years the “old fashioned” woodland camo has been making a comeback. Whether you are totally tactical oriented (i.e. brainwashed in black) or not, the mottled mix of dark greens, leaf green, dark brown, and tan remains a very effective camouflage pattern in nearly all environmental applications.

I recall first seeing a woodland pattern on WWII surplus camouflage M-65 jackets at the war surplus store in the town where I attended college. There have been numerous variations of the same type of pattern over the years mixing up the shades, shapes, and color mixes in the patterns. For hunting in particular the woodland camo pattern is still a very good choice.

That fact was recognized in the past couple of years when the waterfowl clothing company Drake started bringing back a version of woodland in their duck hunting shirts and clothing. They refer to it as their Old School Camo pattern. It is offered in two colors, brown/tan and a greenish “timber” version. It may be old school, but it still works just fine and is one of their more popular patterns.

Now I take note that a lot of urban survivalists and preppers alike are choosing the woodland pattern again, often in preference over tactical Ninja black. By electing this new-old pattern, one can remain hidden anywhere that something natural can be found, and that is virtually anywhere. Out in the woods, timber, brushlands, or live natural habitats, the classic woodland pattern is hard to beat.

Not to be slighted though, black is still a good choice and is available in a lot of clothing, gear, and shooting support accessories. Mixing black with woodland camo makes for even a more effective blend of hide out colors.

To this end, I have started recommending to preppers and survivalists to consider adding some woodland camo pattern choices to all their prep gear options. You can find a lot of these items at Midway USA for pistol, rifle, and magazine carry cases, bags, and satchels. There are nylon holsters and rifle slings in this camo, too. Other camo accessories include bug out bags, backpacks, web gear, scope covers, boots, and clothing. Mix in some black and desert tan camo and you can hide out just about anywhere.

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