Watch: The Deadliest Steampunk Pistol Ever?


Watch: The Deadliest Steampunk Pistol Ever?

This is pretty cool. I’ve watched this German fellow demonstrate some cool homemade slingshots and whatnot before, but this creation is among his best, I think.

Steampunk? Well, maybe if you have a generous translation of that term. But it is definitely cool. And you can’t deny its power, using a small blast of CO2 gas to drive a nail deep into wood siding from 50 meters.


He’s in Germany, and since German law makes it okay to fire a projectile that slides over a barrel instead of through it, he can create sweet stuff like this. He makes arrows thatĀ fit snugly over the “barrel,” and uses duct tape for fletching. And they fly surprisingly well.

The photo above shows the remains of one arrow, which from 30 meters away hit hard enough to bury the nail tip and shatter the arrow shaft and another that penetrated deeply into this wood barn siding from a distance of 50 meters.

The pistol is pressurized by applying a bicycle tire inflator; he says he gets about 3 shots per CO2 cartridge.

I like how he says, “Now, the in-ev-it-a-bul coconut test.”


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