Hunter Finds a Collection of Skulls in the Boonies


Hunter Finds a Collection of Skulls in the Boonies

If you spend enough time in the woods, especially if you are alone, there will be times when you become freaked out. I’m talking about those moments when all your hairs stand on end, your adrenaline levels suddenly go so high that it starts to ooze out your ears, and you NEED TO HAVE eyes in the back of your head.

That’s how it was for the Australian hunter who came across this collection of skulls out in the middle of nowhere, which he recently posted on Facebook.

Freaky? Well, yeah. But at least it wasn’t accompanied by a bone-chilling screech just as night was coming on, like the one that almost ruined me years ago. That experience gave me the heebiest of jeebies!

What kinds of eerie situations have you survived in the great outdoors?

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