Like Your Guns and Magazines? Don’t Take Them to Canada.


Like Your Guns and Magazines? Don’t Take Them to Canada.

According to a recent news release, Canada has become avid about harassing Americans who travel into Canada with their firearms.

You see, they wish you wouldn’t do it. I guess there’s something about people being able to protect themselves that Canada’s government doesn’t like. But if you do want to have a gun–you know, to keep yourself alive or to use for hunting–then you need to “declare all firearms in your possession at the first Canadian designated port of entry.” Oh, and make very sure that they fit the legal parameters for possession by non-government entities (i.e. citizens).

Canadian laws are different than US ones – as such the CBSA suggests you check before arriving at a Canadian port of entry. It is strongly recommended that you not carry your firearm when traveling to Canada and/or transiting through Canada to reach another US destination. However, should you choose to travel with your firearms, you must declare all firearms in your possession at the first Canadian designated port of entry. You must also have all the necessary permits and have your firearm appropriately stored.

If the Canadians don’t like your guns (or even your magazines if they hold “too much” ammo), they will steal some money from you, steal your guns and destroy them, and kick you the heck out of their country. I’m not exaggerating; that’s what they recently did to two Americans who failed to declare firearms but were discovered to actually have some.

Egads! Folks who can protect themselves from wildlife and criminals! Better abuse and steal from them, then boot them out.

They’re good at it, too. According to a recent article:

The CBSA seized 413 guns at the border in the first six months of 2016 alone. There were 163 seizures in 115 incidents in southern Ontario in the second half of last year.

And just in case you might want to drive home afterward, our friendly neighbors threaten that “Your vehicle may also be seized and you will have to pay a penalty to get it back.”


There is some good news though; check out this handy-dandy how-to on taking hunting guns to Canada. Sure, they’re overbearing and draconian, but they still want hunters’ money.

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