Deer Hunting, Wisconsin Style: School Bus Deer Stand


Deer Hunting, Wisconsin Style: School Bus Deer Stand

Now THIS is a deer stand!

You’ve heard the phrase “Go big or go home.” Well, it looks like this guy did both when he used a dirt ramp to place a 66-passenger school bus on top of a huge steel cylinder (an old underground fuel tank from a gas station) to use as a deer stand.

In the photo above, you can see the loooong staircase (complete with hand rails) and a variety of cables to steady the bus and keep it in place. This next pic was apparently taken soon after it was placed; no rails on the stairs and I don’t see the cables.

A neighbor of Jesse’s spotted a photo of the huge stand when it was shared on the Chasing Trophy Whitetails Facebook page. She then posted a photo of the stand from her yard and tagged the stand’s owner.


The stand was created by Jesse Kauffman of Springbrook, Wisconsin, and he says it’s 28 feet above the original ground level. I say “original” because he is an earth mover who used dirt to his advantage and then removed the excess, making it appear as if the bus had been stranded up there by some epic flood.

Jesse clearly believes in being comfortable while hunting:

I have a fold-out couch, two recliners, a TV, a poker table, and deer seasons are cold enough I don’t need a fridge… but we got heat; I seriously ran power from my dad’s house.

Whatever works!

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