New “Scrambler” Device for Removing Deer Brains (Video)


New “Scrambler” Device for Removing Deer Brains (Video)

This video recently wandered across my facebook feed, so I checked it out. And it’s sorta creative.

The premise is this: You have an animal skull, which you’d like to save as a bare-skull “European mount.” But all those pesky brains are inside ye olde cranium. What to do?

According to these folks, you take one of their “scramblers” (which appear to be nothing more than a steel shaft with weed whacker string woven into grooves or holes), put it into a drill, cram the scrambler into yon skull, and puree the brains.

Spoiler alert: They say it mixes paint well, too.

In my experience, getting the brains out of a skull is not that hard; the sinuses are much more difficult. But I have developed a sure-fire and easy way to get an excellent European mount for my whitetail deer: I cape out the buck and take the head and hide to my taxidermist. He skins the head and keeps the cape, and in return I get a perfectly clean buck skull.

I’m told this is common practice among taxidermists, but you might want to ask yours first.

Other folks say, “Set it on an ant bed and it will be clean the next day.” To that I say, “My ants must be lazy; they took weeks to fine-pick a gator skull that was already mostly clean.”

Regardless, this is an interesting concept and some of you might find it useful. And since brains are commonly used to tan leather, pureeing them might help out with that.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

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