Video: Redneck Drives a Duct Tape Car off a Cliff! (Sort of)


FiberFix. I’m not endorsing it, but this commercial is amusing. And I freely admit that there are times when it could come in handy.

It’s a fiberglass tape, activated by water. Wet it, wrap something (broken tent pole, cracked shovel or axe handle, leaky pipe, etc), then get away from it until it hardens.

Anyhow, this commercial is sort of funny. It begins with a car surrounded by a cage of tubing and duct tape being driven off of a cliff, followed by another caged car with FiberFix in place of the duct tape.

It goes on from there with the flannel-clad spokeman touting the MANLINESS! of FiberFix–and how hiring someone to repair a problem could cost you $$$ in addition to your dignity and even your wife. So fix it yourself, and spend the savings on something MANLY–like hunting equipment or a diversified stock portfolio.

The repair on a broken stool has been “sanded to be smooth, painted to be beautiful, like the toenails of a brawny woman.”


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