Watch: How Tough is Carbon Fiber?


Watch: How Tough is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber: We see it used in our outdoor gear, from tent poles to arrow shafts. We know it is quite strong for its weight, but how well does it stand up to a hydraulic press?

Whoa now! Don’t click away from this page just yet. I was surprised at just how entertaining this video turned out to be, especially watching the way the cylindrical carbon fiber (the same form used for arrows and tent poles) reacts when placed in the press vertically. It even prompted the thickly-accented narrator to exclaim, “Vot der vook!”

And seeing a large hex nut pressed onto (maybe into; watch and see) a slab of carbon fiber was also cool.

Heck, I even laughed out loud at the end of the bonus video.

“The cheese is mine!”

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