Watch: How to Start a Fire With an Empty Butane Lighter


Watch: How to Start a Fire With an Empty Butane Lighter

I wasted three minutes of my life to find you this tip. You’re welcome.

The video proclaims to demonstrate “4 Magic Tricks with Lighters.” It’s a lie! The first three are lame, and if you value your time even a little bit, skip directly to the 3:00 mark.

That’s where the useful demo begins, showing how you can grind off and gather tiny bits of flint, and then ignite them in a flash on a small piece of paper to start a camp fire.

I saw another video–trust me, you don’t want to watch it–that used a square of toilet paper instead. The tissue paper allows you to use fewer flint shavings, so you can actually start multiple fires with one dead lighter.

Pretty cool!

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