Watch: How to Open a Padlock With a Beer Can


Watch: How to Open a Padlock With a Beer Can

I’ve seen a lot of “how to open a padlock with” videos, and most are a bit lame or at least not really share-worthy.

This one is pretty straightforward and makes good sense. Although the large links that overlay much of the video are annoying. Oh, and I recommend muting the sound; it’s just techno music.

Most padlocks have a pawl or “dog” inside that engages with a notch in the loop (shackle), and when you close the lock, an angle or slope on the end of the shackle pushes against a similar slope on the dog, to shove the spring-loaded dog out of the way so the lock can be closed without need of a key.

When the key is turned, it simply retracts the dog to allow the shackle to open.

The concept here is that you create a thin shim, wrap it around the shackle, work it down into the lock, and use it to shove the dog aside, thus allowing the shackle to open.

It’s worth a watch.

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