Watch: Pulling a Tree Stump With a 5-Ton Military Truck


Watch: Pulling a Tree Stump With a 5-Ton Military Truck

I keep running across these stump videos. Who knows why? Maybe Google found out that I’d recently dug out a couple of small stumps in my yard. They’re sneaky that way.

Anyhow, this short clip shows an unexpected bit of success in stump pulling, and it’s an impressive display of power from this big old military truck.

The success is unexpected because, if you know anything about tree and stumps, you know that pulling won’t often get one out. But they got lucky in that they have access to an excellent vehicle for the, and the tree didn’t have a tap root.

I’m not saying it’s not impressive, because it is. And I wish I could get all of my stumps out of the ground so easily.

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