Presidential Debate: The Second Amendment


Presidential Debate: The Second Amendment

What was your expectation for the first presidential debate in particular when it comes to issues of interest to shooters, gun collectors, preppers, and survivalists? The gun issue did come up, but it was not thrashed out like some of us had hoped.

On the positive side, Trump unequivocally supported the 2nd Amendment and the NRA. For us NRA folks, that resonated strongly. I think those of us in this fold have no concerns that Trump would back up on any gun issues, except enforcing the laws on the books to keep felons, terrorists, and others unable to legally buy guns. How to stop the illegal trade is a tougher issue.

On the negative side, Trump claimed that, like Clinton, he supports “no fly, no buy”–i.e. he wants to deny the constitutional rights of people who find their names, for whatever reason, on a secret government list with no accountability. This type of thing should concern everyone. If we’re going to use that watch list for denying 2A rights, then it at least needs an appeals process and more civilian oversight.

Clinton on the other hand first brought up the gun issue. Most of her discussion was highly cloaked in double talk and half-truths. I mean she would not and did not mention any of the gun control issues that have been credited to her during this election cycle. She would say “we” need to get military guns off the streets and out of the hands of the people who should not have them, without any plan brought up about how she would do this.

It has been reported regularly that she supports the Australian plan of gun confiscation, but never brought it up. But then, Trump did not either, missing an opportunity in my own estimation to nail her down on these issues. Often Trump failed to follow up on her gaffs or falsehoods, but I rather feel he will correct those debate issues on the next go around.

When talking to gun owners, preppers, gun dealers, and gun enthusiasts, there is a universal feeling that should Clinton be elected, there will be a fury to grab guns and ammo like never before. It is a pivotal issue for America’s gun owners and gun voters.

Gun buyers and dealers are already operating in a sort of pre-panic mode. Some gun models are already difficult to obtain or are being held back by distributors awaiting a true panic to escalate prices. That happened when Obama was elected and re-elected, prompting the commentary about Obama being the best gun salesman ever. If you need or want to buy more guns or ammo, now is the time.

In my opinion, on the gun issue differences between these two candidates is clear. If you support the Second Amendment, then your vote goes to Trump.

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