Watch: Firminator, “The Best Food Plot Implement on Earth”


Watch: Firminator, “The Best Food Plot Implement on Earth”

When it comes to planting wildlife food plots, there are many approaches that can work. Some folks want to do every step separately (plow, disk, seed, cover seed/compact). This can produce an excellent food plot, but it also takes more time and fuel than some other methods.

Today, I learned about the Firminator, an all-in-one implement for planting food plots.

All-in-one tools like this one can plow, seed, and drag a plot all at the same time, or you can adjust the angle of the disk harrow to plow more aggressively or to otherwise prepare the seedbed before seeding. They’re usually pretty flexible.

My hunting club owns a Plotmaster. It’s a few years old now, but will still get the job done. It works, but when we have the time and fuel money to do the steps separately, we generally see better results.

The Firminator has a spiked roller at the rear, which they call a cultipacker. This sets it apart from the Plotmaster, which uses a flexible grate and a smaller hinged roller for compacting the seedbed and has smaller spring-mounted plows ahead of that. I really like the cultipacker idea, although I haven’t had the chance to actually put it to use.

Both of these are made in USA in Georgia and not too far from our hunting property. Both will work, but I’m not sure they’re the best choice for all hunting properties. Sometimes it just works better to do things separately. But as I said, when you’re limited by time and fuel cost, these can be good solutions to get your food plots in the ground quickly.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think.

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