Cocky Kid Goofs With Climbing Tree Stand


Cocky Kid Goofs With Climbing Tree Stand

Blackbeard Island, Georgia has one of the largest public deer bowhunts on federal land in the South. For over 40 years hunts have been held every autumn and winter, and archers from around the South flock to the spot for its top bowhunting. Participants live in a central campground, where often several hundred people share outdoor stories and meals during hunts lasting several days.

The day before one large hunt, many bowmen were setting up their camps and enjoying the general camaraderie of the outdoor setting. As is typical of such gatherings, new equipment and innovative bowhunting ideas were shared by the archers. One young sportsmen excitedly told about his new climbing tree stand that had an innovative “hand climber” he was excited to show anyone who would take time to watch and listen.

A towering pine tree grew in the middle of the island campground, and the young man quickly attached the two-piece climbing stand to the tree while regaling his growing audience with the attributes of the stand. Soon he was climbing high on the pine, fully 30 feet from the ground, all the while telling those watching from the ground what an outstanding tree stand he had bought.

“The hand climber is the best part,” he enthusiastically explained, as he pulled his feet out of the stand base’s foot straps, putting all his weight on the hand climber’s bar.

When he did that, the stand base slipped, then “walked” completely down the tree, as he’d forgotten to attach the tether line from the hand climber to the stand base. He hung there screaming wildly from the climber, 30 feet above his now hysterical audience, until someone attached another stand to the tree and rescued him.

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