Reminder: Your Remington Model 700 (or Other) Bolt Action Rifle May be Defective


Reminder: Your Remington Model 700 (or Other) Bolt Action Rifle May be Defective

Sometimes, what should be news seems to fade away, and it’s good to be reminded from time to time.

A couple years back, I wrote a post here on AllOutdoor explaining some of what I know about their history of defective rifle triggers and that they had finally announced an intention to do a little something about it.

Back then, I wrote that details of the settlement were not finalized, but after two years I hope they have gotten into something of a groove. More than one commenter on that older article said that even though they owned a Remington rifle of a listed model containing a trigger connector, Remington told them that their rifle was not affected. One noted that Remington simply provided a 20% discount for buying stuff from the Remington website.


Anyhow, it’s worth a try. So if you have a Remington 700, you might as well visit the site and go through the process.

I did, and I was given two options: Either take my gun to a Remington Authorized Repair Center or ship it, where they would replace the existing trigger with one of their new “X-Mark Pro” design.

HOWEVER, although I can submit a claim today, nothing will happen toward repairing my rifle until sometime AFTER the settlement agreement has been approved by court order. FYI, it appears that the date for final approval will be February 14, 2017.

So they’re basically telling customers, “Yeah, your rifle sucks and you should definitely not use it until it gets fixed, but we’re not going to do anything about it until we absolutely have to by court order. Oh, you want to actually use a rifle before we finally start fixing things? Sucks to be you. Better start shopping.”

Wow. Just wow.

UPDATE: Thanks to folks who have commented below, I now know that Remington has replaced triggers on at least two rifles that were sent in to them, although their website says otherwise. If so, that’s great news — if those repairs were done under the same recall that we’re discussing in this article. Hopefully we can now get our rifles made safe, they way they always should have been…

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