The Arduous March: Escaping SHTF Events in a Vehicle


The Arduous March: Escaping SHTF Events in a Vehicle

In North Korea their fearful, paranoid leader, Kim Jong-un, is known for his “Arduous Marches.” These are propaganda driven political campaigns to try to convince the population of North Korean people to “march for famine.” Something in irony here as these poor people have been starving for decades. Famine is a way of life in North Korea.

Much in the same way but thank goodness a decidedly more temporary situation was the “arduous march” away from the Gulf Coast as Hurricane Katrina increased in power, driving thousands away from the homes and lives from Florida to Texas. The worst of it all being along the coasts of Mississippi and Louisiana.

Living a hundred miles north of landfall at the time, I still recall quite fervently the SHTF escape ahead of the hurricane. I can easily remember the nightly news of lines of cars trying to inch their way north trying to get out of the way of the coming mayhem. Clearly the majority of people forced into a bug out were not prepared for it. Would you be if that happened today?

We have discussed, laid out, and described all manner of different kinds of bug out bags, EDC (every day carry) bags or satchels several times before. I hope more preppers have completed their bags and stowed them in the primary family vehicle or all of them. Again, these emergency supplies have to be carried with you daily. You cannot rely on having this bag sitting by the back door or in the garage. A SHTF could happen while you are just out running an errand around town.

This past winter a flash ice storm hit our city just about the time of the 5:00 PM rush hour. It coated a section of highway crisscrossing bridges known as the “stack” connecting two interstate systems. An 18-wheeler truck slid sideways and shut the whole network down. Dozens of vehicles were trapped on the icy highways with nowhere to go.

Those trapped for the most part had no emergency supplies in their vehicles whatsoever. No water, nothing to eat, and some running low on fuel to warm their cars. After hours stuck on the ice, law enforcement officers crept up on the roadways to hand out bottles of water.

Keep such incidents in mind. Build out your standby vehicle bag today and stow it. Cycle the items inside to keep them fresh. Always be ready. SHTF events are rarely convenient.

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