Watch: Five Duct Tape Survival Hacks


Watch: Five Duct Tape Survival Hacks

In this video, we get some useful tips for using duct tape. You can make containers, fire-starters, cordage, and more from good ol’ duct tape.

He begins by making a flexible bucket-like container, in much the same way that I made stuff out of duct tape when I was a young teen.

Then he makes a fireball. I won’t ruin the surprise by telling you what that is.

Rope comes next. Pretty simple and useful.

Can he make a snare of duct tape rope to catch some supper? Well, he can try.

And next, he shreds the duct tape into thin strips. But whatever for? Hmmmm.

After watching this, I almost feel like buying a case of the stuff to keep in the truck.

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