Pro Self Life-Carry for Self Protection


Pro Self Life-Carry for Self Protection

Two years ago I completed the state required training course to obtain an enhanced concealed carry permit. I mainly took the course and acquired the permit because it allows me to skip the ATF background check every time I decide to buy a firearm. I never honestly or seriously thought about carrying concealed after getting the permit. I still debate the pros and cons of taking on that responsibility.

Having said that about my own choice, I have begun to inquire of others if they carry. Most of them just raise their shirts or open their coats to reveal their carry firearm of choice either inside or outside of the waist. I just smile. I am amazed at how many people carry now, and for good reason, I presume, given the crime stats these days.

Naturally, the personal choice to carry a firearm on your person is an individual decision. If you do, I hope you back it up with the appropriate formal classroom and range shooting training. Otherwise it would be much like going through the hoops to get a driver’s license, then never own or drive a car. But carrying a loaded gun is certainly just as critical as driving a 2-ton vehicle with no experience.

But whoever among you decides to actually carry a firearm concealed on a daily basis, though you are not directly involved in a need to have to carry such as law enforcement, security work, money handlers, or such, then I highly advise you to consider all the ramifications. Carrying a gun is a very serious position to take, and that should be fully understood.

First and foremost, wherever you reside, make 100 percent sure that you know the carry laws of that state and that you comply with them. If you are required to acquire any type of a permit, then do that pronto. I hope there is a training requirement to go along with it, but if not, seek out a good concealed carry training and shooting course anyway.

Beyond the legal requirements, take some time to seriously consider this move. You have to prepare yourself psychologically to be able to pull a weapon and to discharge it if that is the last resort. I hope it is. Either way, you need to be prepared for that.

And note that when you choose to carry, you represent all of the nation’s millions of concealed carriers. If you act irresponsibly and get yourself or someone else hurt, then anti-gun groups are going to use you as a poster child in their campaign to deny the 2A rights of the rest of your fellow gun owners. So think about that before you carry.

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