Survey: Americans Frightened by Gun Control


Survey: Americans Frightened by Gun Control

What scares Americans? Turns out, lots of stuff.

We used to be pretty tough here in the USA, but somewhere along the way we allowed fear to begin running our lives. We get scared of one candidate, so we vote for the other. We get scared of bad guys hijacking planes, so we willingly cede our rights to privacy and submit ourselves to searches and full body scans. We’re afraid of dying too early, so we eat unsatisfying gruel in order to extend our meager existence.

But I digress.

Chapman University recently published the results of a survey in which they asked folks what they were afraid of. Gun control ranked pretty high on the list.

The image above shows “the 10 fears for which the highest percentage of Americans reported being ‘Afraid’ or ‘Very Afraid.’

They also posted a long list of fears (I counted 79) and “Government restrictions on firearms and ammunition” was tied with “Terrorism” for 4th/5th place.

Clearly, guns are important to Americans; but the very reason that we have so many of them ought to alleviate our concerns about anyone trying to take them away. Right?

Think about it: Nobody can have your guns unless you are willing to let it happen.

And if you ever do, it’ll be “game over” for our few remaining rights.

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