Watch: Building a Sawmill From an Old Golf Cart


Watch: Building a Sawmill From an Old Golf Cart

I love machinery. I do a lot of work on small tractors and other equipment, and I have always been mechanically and artistically inclined, so it interests me to see what kinds of creative things people can do with power equipment. And this is pretty cool.

This fellow takes an old derelict golf cart, yanks out some parts and pieces, combines it with some steel parts, and transforms it into an entirely new piece of equipment that is arguably far more useful than the cart.

From the frame design, to the blade tensioner, to the elaborate-looking and effective method of raising and lowering it, to the custom-made steel wheels that he made on a lathe, this guy has some skills.

Turns out, he’s a furniture-maker and he created the mill specifically so he can mill his own lumber to make furniture with. His first three-inch-thick boards are destined to become a farm table.

I’m impressed.

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