Appropriating Supplies-Part I


Appropriating Supplies-Part I

My mother-in-law, bless her departed soul, taught me this one. Every time we would visit a restaurant, cafeteria, or other eatery, she would “appropriate” extra condiments in the forms of packs of sugar, sweeteners, catsup, mustard, mayo, salt, pepper, or whatever was supplied on the table. Her line of thinking was she paid for the dinner so why not, since she could have theoretically used all that stuff while she was there.

The bottom line is this is one process where preppers could obtain additional supplies to store back for use during a SHTF event or a Bug Out. Use a bit of creativity to explore all the avenues to obtain extra items for later use. Obviously we are not talking about outright sticky finger lifting items not meant to be taken, but items that are freely offered to consumers during the normal course of doing business ought to be okay, within reason.

For example, many times for Sunday lunch we go to the local grocery store hot food bar for take-out lunches. Included in the Styrofoam container is a sealed plastic package with a plastic knife, spoon, fork, salt and pepper packs, and a napkin. When I get home, I remove those to put away in the supply drawer. Those will come in handy later for a picnic or use at bug out camp or during any kind of a scenario when water to wash utensils is in short supply.

Likewise, I appropriate spoons or forks at fast food places. I particularly like the spoons from Wendy’s. We often pick up a few extra straws and napkins as well. Sometimes we carry the drink cups home, wash them out and keep them in storage, too. Other places might put food on sectioned plates or in plastic containers of various kinds. Keep those.

When I work gun shows at a state fairgrounds show building, I am constantly scanning the parking lot for stuff dropped or throw away. You would not imagine how many perfectly useable pull ties I have collected over the years. Pieces of unused rope, straps, and other useful items are just wasted for the effort to pick it up. I guess preppers have to become natural scavengers.

So, any time you go shopping or out to eat, think about a few extras you can appropriate for your apocalypse supply bag. You might be surprised what you can accumulate.

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