Essay: Confessions of a Progressive Gun Nut


Essay: Confessions of a Progressive Gun Nut

I wrote this essay after Orlando, but didn’t publish it until this past weekend. The essay features the kind of talk of tyranny and dystopia that was incredibly uncool on the Left up until, oh, about November 9th.

And now, having watched something that was supposed to be totally impossible actually happen, many of my lefty friends have secretly (and a few openly) taken a second look at the Second Amendment as a form of insurance against the rise of tyranny.

Any given gun control discussion may work its way through topics like hunting and other hobbies, or delve into theoretical questions of individual liberty and its limits, or cover the practical nuts-and-bolts of who really needs what type of firearm for which hypothetical use-of-force scenario, but all arguments over Americans and their firearms ultimately end up in one place: a dispute about the usefulness and legitimacy of the constitutional right of private citizens to keep in their homes the tools of violence as a last bulwark against tyranny.

How you view the Second Amendment — as an embarrassing relic of a barbarous past, or as a last-ditch deterrent against the rise of domestic tyranny — depends on the shape you see when you look at history: an arc or a circle.

No matter where you come out on the recent election, I consider it a positive development that a whole new category of people has woken up to the possibility that things can suddenly go pear shaped in a big way, and then you’re on your own. Anyway, read the rest here.

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