Watch: Using a Land Anchor to Get a Vehicle Unstuck


Watch: Using a Land Anchor to Get a Vehicle Unstuck

So, let’s say you’re stuck and you don’t have any trees or boulders nearby to connect your winch to pull you out, and you’re not in the mood to bury your spare tire. What then? Well, you might want to try a land anchor.

If you’re like me, you’d rather build one than buy one, especially considering my general lack of spare cash and the amazingly high prices they charge. But either way, the Pull Pal land anchor shown in these videos looks like a good one and might be a good place to start if you’d like to make one yourself.

I call this video “breathless.” It won’t take much listening to the huffing and puffing to figure out why.

Driving skills(?) aside, this anchor held pretty dang well and was a lot easier to deploy and retrieve than burying a large object.

Next is a how-to video from the makers of Pull Pal. Video quality sucks (as does acting quality), but it contains a lot less hoopla than the previous video. And it shows the use of the land anchor to secure a second vehicle so it can pull out a stuck vehicle. I could have used something like this more than once in my outdoor driving life!

Oh, and it also shows an easier way to remove the Pull Pal when you’re done with it.

Finally, here’s a video (turn down the sound) of a homemade land anchor build. It’s maybe not the best one ever, but it should be good for ideas anyhow.

Because, well, the cheapest Pull Pall goes for $378, and the largest model is a whopping $740!

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