Amsoil… Firearm Lubricants?


Amsoil… Firearm Lubricants?

Well, whattaya know? Turns out, Amsoil makes products for guns as well as other machinery.

The Amsoil name is well-known for specialized synthetic lubricants, but I’ve always associated them with vehicles and other engine-driven equipment. These days, they are making a couple new products that gun owners can appreciate.

Amsoil Firearm Cleaner and Protectant comes in a 5-ounce spray can.


Manufacturer Specs

  • Safe to use on all metals, woods, composites, and rubbers found in firearms.
  • Penetrates deep into hard-to-reach components
  • Effectively cleans fouling and powder residue from all firearm surfaces, reducing misfires and increasing reliability
  • Protects guns against corrosion, allowing for safe storage and preserving performance, reliability, and value


  • Shake well prior to use.
  • Spray AMSOIL Firearm Cleaner on area to be cleaned.
  • Wipe with clean, lint-free cloth.
  • Reapply and clean with brush as necessary.
  • If storing firearm, wipe with clean, lint-free cloth dampened with AMSOIL Firearm Cleaner.

Amsoil 100% Synthetic Firearm Lubricant and Protectant comes in a 4-ounce plastic bottle with a flip-up spout.


Manufacturer Specs

  • Effectively lubricates and protects firearms, helping extend life and prevent blockage, jams, and wear
  • Outstanding protection and performance in both hot and cold climates
  • Specifically formulated for firearms, offering superior performance


  • Shake well prior to use.
  • Clean firearm prior to lubricant application per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Apply evenly to all metal parts such as barrels, bolts, firing pins, springs, and trigger mechanisms.
  • Apply a thin layer to exterior surfaces of firearm.

As near as I can tell, these products haven’t been around very long, maybe since about September, 2016. Established Amsoil fans will probably be users, but at $9.80 per 4-ounce bottle, the oil is far from cheap and the aerosol cleaner/protectant runs $6.95 per 5-ounce can.

Have you tried it? Please let us know what you think in the comments below. I might need to get my hands on some to give it a try.

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