12 Days of EDC Christmas, Day 7–Oveready BOSS 35


12 Days of EDC Christmas, Day 7–Oveready BOSS 35

My Dad is a good and decent man. He drove a 1984 Blue GMC Truck for more than fifteen years when I was younger–basically from 4th grade until I was in college. My Mom got a new car, I got her old car when I turned 16, but my Dad, he just plugged away in Big Blue. It’s especially a shame because before I was born he owned a Porsche. From a car you can steer with one finger to a truck that steers like a steer. Ugh.

But after all the kids left, college was paid for, and the mortgage was paid off, he got a Corvette. He got every single feature and upgrade the car came with. GPS for hyper accurate speed runs? Yep. Front mounted speed cam? Oh yeah. 1 Bazillion horsepower to rearrange your internal organs with a press of a pedal? Of course. This Corvette is a demon, an asphalt eating hellbeast.

When I went back home in May, I got to drive it a lot. And out where my parents live, where cows are companions, there are lot of straight as an arrow roads–ten miles of nothing but corn, cows, and drag strips. After that, I hankered for performance. My gas sipping commuter box doesn’t do the trick.

So what do you do if you have a person on your list that, like me, wants the thrill of high performance? Buy them a top of the line Corvette, of course. Oh wait, you can’t drop the dough necessary for that? Well, its not as heart palpitating, but it is just as high performance.

Oveready BOSS 35

The BOSS 35 is a $360 flashlight that can start a fire, give you a tan, or illuminate a ridge three miles away. And it does it all in a super small, super well made package that looks like something from Fallout 4. Almost 2,000 lumens in a light the length of my thumb? Yes, please. Oh and you need a whisper bright low? Got that covered too.

You might not know Oveready, and that is because they are basically a hot rod shop for flashlights. Hell, they even bore and stroke the body tubes of Surefires to get bigger batteries in them to make them brighter. They also offer upgraded emitters that take bright lights and make them pocket suns. But they do make their own stuff too. Unfortunately it has all been very small batch and very cutting edge. The BOSS 35 follows in that lineage.

The light itself is quite beautiful, made of higher end aluminum (7075 T651 to be exact) with a raw tumbled finish. The tube is ergonomic, tapering towards the end as it approaches the best tailcap in the business, the Oveready Triad design. The switch is, of course, a McClicky switch (again the best in the business). And the emitters are a triple array of XPL emitters with TIR built in. Even the threads, beefy smooth ACME threads, kill it. And as the final high performance touch there are the custom pocket clip screws, which, if I do say so myself, are friggin’ sweet.

Oh and the light is programmable via a downloadable app. Totally awesome and great for the performance geek, but completely unnecessary if you just want to use the light

The BOSS 35 is quite literally the flashlight equivalent of a suped up hot rod. Even aspect of the light has been tuned to achieve breathtaking performance. It is not a Corvette. Not even close. But for a flashlight, it’s pretty damn awesome.

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