Pirating During a SHTF Event


Pirating During a SHTF Event

Preppers and survivalists have to know and come to the realization that at some point they are going to have to scrounge for supplies. Depending on just how long or extensive the SHTF event lasts, some things are finally going to run short. What then? The time may come (will come) to take some offensive actions in order to survive longer.

Even the best laid prepper plans will come up short at some point. It might be critically essential items like water or food. It could be some medicine that somebody on the team has to have or maybe you need. After weeks or months of hunkering down at a distant bug out camp, the need for new supplies is bound to happen.

You had the forethought to put in a water well. You installed a nifty hand pump to pull the precious water out of the ground, but then something broke or the washer seal wore out. You need a new one. Maybe your gasoline generator you use sparingly just broke a spark plug wire. Any number of things can happen and likely will.

The solution to fulfilling these needs then are to become a pirate. With all the “yaaarrrr” aside, you have to go outside your security area and indeed perhaps your comfort zone to find new supplies, parts, or materials to keep your bug out camp functioning at peak performance. Truthfully, this is not an entirely comforting thought. You may be taking things from others.

Remember the movie Doctor Zhivago when actor Omar Sharif was spied pulling wood off a fence to keep his family warm? He was doing what he had to do to keep the stove burning in their tiny apartment despite the risk that his theft was against the harsh Russian rule of the time. It was that or watch his family freeze during the terrible Russian winter.

The pirating mindset is something we may all have to face. We may be forced to acquire goods from others, perhaps at the threat of harm or the risk of danger to ourselves. It becomes a matter of a priority decision about the most basic tenants of survival. That means the “us or them” mentality.

Scrounging for supplies becomes our mode of survival. This may mean a “finders-keepers, loser’s weepers” situation or outright acquisition from others. Nobody ever said survival was easy, kind, or humane.

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