Remington’s New RP9 Will Hit Stores Soon


Remington’s New RP9 Will Hit Stores Soon

With a long history of producing handguns, Remington Arms has really ramped up the production of new and exciting models recently. Of course, Remington made handguns during the war to end all wars and always has had a strong place in the handgun market.

Several years ago Remington announced the revival of their 1911 classic pistol, named the R1 series. They have been wildly successful, and production models I have used are top notch pieces of modern handgun manufacturing work. Next came a new style .380 ACP in the RM380 model and then a pocket pistol in 9mm model R51.

Just recently Remington has announced their newest pistol to the lineup. This model will be the RP9. It is a full sized 9mm pistol that has been highly ergonomically designed so that the grip configuration and holding angle will reportedly fit virtually 95 per cent of all handgun shooters. This pistol will have the smallest grip circumference in its handgun class.

The RP9’s frame is of polymer construction as is so popular now. The pistol will have a PVD barrel and the exterior finish of the gun will also be PVD. This special coating is tough stuff and resists wear and corrosion. It was first created for machine tooling, so it is the real deal.

The RP9 is also a serious weapon. Its magazine capacity is 18 rounds with one additional in the chamber. That is some serious firepower. The sights are drift adjustable and the trigger guard is undercut for a comfortable two-handed hold.

Specs on the RP9 include the 4.5 inch barrel, a pistol width of only 1.27 inches, and an overall length of 7.91 inches. Total weight on the pistol is 26.4 ounces. This is going to be a very user friendly pistol and no doubt will be well accepted into the handgun world.

Though I doubt you’ll find this pistol at your dealer today, they are in production and will soon be on the shelves of dealers. And the really nice part is that the MSRP pricing is set at $489. Yep, under $500 for a fist full of firepower ready for action.

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