Watch: Guitar Shotguns That Really Work


Watch: Guitar Shotguns That Really Work

When someone can dream up and play a slide guitar built onto the side of a shotgun–a real, firing shotgun–they have my attention. And when they take a (very) short break from playing to cock and fire the shotgun, actually hitting the target, they have my respect.

Yep, this guitar was built onto the right side of a single-barrel break-action shotgun, and it really works.

From the YouTube description of the Guitgun video, which is only 40 seconds long:

Shotgun guitar played and shot by Rev. Peyton of Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band. The three string Guitgun was conceived by Rev. Peyton and custom made by our pal Bryan Fleming who is an expert custom pickup designer (He hand wound the pickup for it!).

The Right Rev plays pretty well, and shoots even better.

The following video shows someone who arguably plays better, but who is using a “shotgun” that is clearly fake and won’t go bang.

Which do you prefer?

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