Watch: Eve From Alaska the Last Frontier Shucking her Dead Chickens


Watch: Eve From Alaska the Last Frontier Shucking her Dead Chickens

When I saw that the title of this video was “Homestead Hack: Eve Butchers Chickens,” I had hopes that it would give us some insight into how Eve, one of my favorite people from the TV show Alaska: The Last Frontier, actually butchers them, including maybe a special or certain way of doing it.


Instead, we see her plucking and gutting some chickens that had been prematurely killed by some sort of animals (presumably dogs), with help from an unlikely source: Her vegetarian mother-in-law Charlotte, who had come over to help Eve in her garden. When the dead chickens are discovered, it becomes more important to pluck and gut the chickens so they can be used as food.

The only “hack” I saw was when she chopped off the birds’ heads.

If you enjoy the show, it’s worth a watch. And this is one of my favorite TV shows, although it is becoming more loaded with fake drama with every new season. But if you look past that, you can see some real homesteading and survival methods and skills. They garden, hunt, fish, and raise livestock in order to live off the land as much as possible.

Anyhow, here’s the video. I hope you enjoy it.

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