Watch: Top 5 Survival Weapons


Watch: Top 5 Survival Weapons

Survival Lilly knows her stuff and has spent quite a lot of time “alone in the woods” (her tagline). So she knows her way around a survival weapon and can build a bow or spear or whatever. In this video, she outlines her favorite 5 field-made weapons that can be used to hunt game in a survival situation.

5: The Sling

Strings and a pouch for throwing stones or similar projectiles. We all know how a little shepherd boy used one against a giant and later became a king. But how easy is it to use?

4: The Bola (or Bolo)

Weights connected by cordage. This can be used to entangle or to simply clobber a critter.

3: The Throwing Stick (or Club)

Throwing a heavy object at an animal can certainly kill it or whack it well enough that you can rush in to finish the job with a knife or spear. Throwing something like this can be done more accurately than you might think. I once bagged a cottontail rabbit with a Philips head screwdriver and zero practice.

2: The Atlatl

This spear-throwing device, which many of us have seen in action on Top Shot (to our dismay), has been around for one heck of a long time and adds a surprising amount of force to a spear.

1: The Bow & Arrow

This is number one for obvious reasons. It’s almost as easy to use as a club but can be used more precisely and at longer range. She also mentioned a “bundle bow,” which looks like it could be made more quickly than a proper bow.

Check out the video to learn more and to find out why she ranks them as she does.

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