Watch: Old School & Dangerous Wood Splitting Machines


Watch: Old School & Dangerous Wood Splitting Machines

This video shows a fellow splitting kindling wood with an old-fashioned splitter, run by a long belt as so many pieces of farm equipment used to be.

Keep your hands in the right place and you will probably keep them. But reach wrong once and you may never reach again.

Actually, this might be one of the less dangerous splitters I’ve seen.

This next video shows a splitter that’s a good bit more dangerous. It’s basically a large wheel that turns pretty fast with the head of a splitting maul welded to it.

The title calls it a “widow maker,” and the description says “helmets should be worn.”

Yeah, I’m thinking it might take more than helmets to protect a guy when that maul head comes loose. A hunk of wood turns into a sharp-edged projectile.

You won’t catch me using this one.

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