Watch: Ideal Conceal Cell Phone Pistol Update and Firing Video



Remember when I posted about the Ideal Conceal “cell phone pistol” back in March? Well, the gist of it is that images of a prototype had been circulated and the Internet went apey with folks claiming it was designed for criminals, etc etc.

Naturally, that wasn’t true, and no crook is going to buy one of these things anyhow. Think about it: You’re a bad guy and you break laws for a living. That includes gun laws, of course. So you will not buy your guns legally and you want to have plenty of shots. A two-shot pistol that has to be unfolded before it can be fired is not a street thug’s dream. It’s more like a nightmare.


Anyhow, Ideal Conceal has recently posted an update on YouTube, saying that they have finally worked out the bugs so that both barrels can be reliably fired consecutively. Apparently, this is a breakthrough.

They’re still not ready for production, though. They’re now going to work on making the gun lighter and finalizing parts design so they can build molds and get busy building them. And that’s a good thing about these poppers: The website says, “100% American Made, 100% American Parts, 100% American Owned.”

It’s nice to keep the jobs and the profits here at home.

This next video is only 8 seconds long and shows both barrels of the gun being fired.

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